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Our Shop in Padua


Shop for Tibetan bells in Padua , within easy reach of Vicenza, Verona , Treviso , Venice. But the passion of singing bowls lead our customers to visit us in our shop also from more distant cities such as Ferrara , Brescia, Bologna, Mantua , Forli , Faenza, San Dona di Piave , Italy
How to buy your Tibetan bell ? Purchase online through our website , but many customers prefer to come and visit us in our shop in Padua instead of making the purchase of Tibetan bells over the internet , because they want to feel and experience as a Tibetan bell "rings " with their state of mind the period they are experiencing.
In addition, our customers come from distant cities because they know that we are a store specializing in Tibetan bells , so for us it is an article of " contour", but the main article . That's why we advise you , and provide you the explanations you need. Our work stems from our passion for the magic sound of Tibetan bells .