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Riequilibrio energetico con campane tibetaneRe-balancing the chakras with singing bowls

Re-balancing the flow of energy within the energy with bells tibetanedel physical body is governed by the proper functioning of the seven main chakras. These vital centers need to be regenerated and rebalanced whenever our physical and psychological state is weakened , a sign of the presence of impurities in the energy flow of the chakras.

There are several methods to regenerate the chakras including meditation, the use of crystals and stones and the use of Tibetan singing bowls .

Singing bowls are of special items and hard to find that reproduce the sound of ' OM original . OM is the original mantra , the mantra of Creation, which contains in itself all the energy of the universe. Its sound is very short , consisting of the vowels A , E, and U and the letter M, the symbols of the Divine Trinity .

Singing bowls reproduce the vibration of this sound through the use of a door knocker with which it exerts a shot at the outer edge of the bell and it generates the corresponding vibration by spinning around the edge of the clapper of the bell.

The effect of singing bowls is to rebalance the chakras for which it was used .

The Tibetan bells , combined with chants of monks in the East are an effective method to make the body experiences.

The human body is a collection of vibrations and waves, and if the organs are healthy, vibrate at the right frequency , while those patients have a frequency disturbatasahasrara chakras. The vibrations of the singing bowls recall the original harmonic frequency and thus stimulate the body that is in tune with its own frequency rediscovering their harmonious frequencies .
Another way of working with Tibetan bells is to hold the bowl in his left hand placed on the end of the 5 fingers. Physically, this grip provides maximum vibration of the bell, and from a symbolic point of view is a feminine yin energy containment ( the bowl) supported by 5 " Buddhahood " , because each finger represents a form of manifestation of the Buddha.sahasrara chakra
The use of singing bowls which allows the operator to know the correct methods to use , to create an energy bubble around him in which to perform the ritual with adequate protection and greater effectiveness in addressing the subtle energies in gioco.Occorre then bring the bowl up to the cardiac plexus ( heart chakra ) and play with the clapper in his right hand , strictly clockwise. This location correlates the creator of the bell sound energy to the energy of heart, accompanied by the sound that propagates more and more intensely , it then displays the energy bubble that surrounds the operator and expands to define the space in which this ritual point is ready to welcome the energies will be activated by the next ritual.