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How to play the Singing Bowls

There are certainly more ways to play singing bowls , the ones that we will explain below are the most used and disseminated.

The use of Tibetan Bells is always therapeutic purposes , as you may have read in other investigations, these ancient instruments are the result of skillful mixture of metals and more ....

Whether we play to listen to the harmony notes , is that we play to feel the vibrations , whether we use it or to relieve some of our other imbalance , the expression of the bells is an expression of what we want and we can transmit at that time . The Tibetan Bell is therefore a means, as we are half that if well maintained , educated, cared for, facilitates higher energy flows ...

I always have to put an emphasis on this fact , there is no need materials that man has within himself the clear intent

Returning to our dear Tibetan Bells ...

We can begin by listening to its sound percussion then proceed supporting the bell on the open palm of the hand (fingers are stretched out so as not to prevent the spread of the sound / vibration ) or on the part of the body that we want to deal with , let's get in a comfortable position ( sitting or standing as you prefer) and hit the edge of the bell, if you try to provision a hammer coated feel to shades of difference between the wood and the one covered .

And now we move to the vibration , as to let the percussion comfortable , palm open and begin to exert pressure on the edge of the bell while we rotate the hammer , we try to initially join the largest area possible to hammer the bell , so that the friction created grafts vibration.


Do not worry if the first attempts do not succeed immediately to make it vibrate , you only need to strike a balance between the speed and the pressure , and the most important trick and unknown to most is ... PATIENCE ! a lot of patience especially in the early trials.

Even in this case, if you have the chance try the difference between the coated part and the one in wood.

I hope with this little compendium of state be a little ' help, and now that you are experienced ringers , go around the world and diffondetene the sound ...