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Tibetan bell clapper

In this regard, it is good to make a differentiation on the hammers , which will be useful later in life.

There are little hammers ( or clappers you want to call it makes no difference ) that have a covered part ( a material similar to the felt ) and a wooden part , other totally in wood, still others ( most commonly used for Gong ) with a longer handle and thin and at the end a kind of ball / cylinder of pressed cotton .

The percussion with the piece of wood is more bitter and sharp, with that covered the tone will be more round and with the last guy more muffled .

For the vibration instead , to start drilling , since the higher friction causes the bell begins to vibrate before , I recommend the use of the wood part , this part has precisely the advantage of increased friction , however, has the disadvantage of being more difficult to control once it starts vibrating because the gavel tends to " jump" and emits annoying noises.

The coated part instead requires a bit ' more practice and patience to start to vibrate but provides greater stability , since the coated part has a better grip on the edge .