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Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls

The Tibetan bells promote awareness , harmony and the evolution of man and are also an instrument of sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls contact between the dynamics of terrestrial and celestial spheres . Their composition is derived from an alloy of seven metals that are in correspondence with the seven main planets own these planets act as a bridge between man on the earth and the stars in the universe. massaggio sonoro con campane tibetaneThe subtle sound of the bell produces a profound effect sympathetic , going to awaken the body areas most silent , where maybe contracted musculature , due to different stress , have lost their elasticity and the ability to be in resonant harmony with the entire organism. Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls have a positive effect on the whole cell metabolism : a first feedback occurs easily perceived quality of sleep, which becomes fully regenerating .

Course of Tibetan bells

Today they are quite common different types of courses .

There are courses in Tibetan bells oriented relaxation of certain parts of the body, rather than "global " ( we like to remember forever as the mechanisms that move in the " microcosm " of our body are actually very similar to the mechanisms that move in ' external environment, the world, the universe, and then in the macrocosm around us ) , and there are courses geared to the "awakening" spiritual , because as we mentioned we are heading into another " sleeper cells " waiting to find out what we will do "large " ...

Other courses deal with the application of sound and vibration on our subtle bodies and energy centers that regulate the proper functioning of our body. Then you will learn to "listen" as a particular vibration to resonate at that particular time in a particular area of the body , and learn to associate a frequency suitable to the recovery of the energy currents that stimulate that particular point .

As you can see there is only the embarrassment of choice , everyone will approach " of course " , he will try interest , the most appropriate path for himself at that time. Undoubtedly , however, the positive and beneficial effect definitely worth taking a ...