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Our Shop in Padua

Hello my name is Umberto , thank you for the visit to the shop , waiting to be able to give welcome face to face in Mestrino (Padua) .

The road leading to the opening of the store is almost entirely dedicated to the singing bowls, as often happens in life , made up of a series of " randomness " ...

If I had to find a start I would say that it all starts with a wedding gift made by witnesses , Vinicius and Eleanor , five years ago, a beautiful tapestry wall and just two singing bowls .

I had never seen before , I was fascinated both by the forms that the sounds and vibrations , but nothing more.

About three years ago to find greater inner harmony , I approached the practice of meditation , which I heard ring out immediately.

At that moment I ran another online business that supplied me with up and down of that support me, but " not enough ."

One day seeing the bells at home , I wondered " why do not you try this product " ?

With contacts already had, I decided to try an order and it was so.

The result ? Quite disastrous , I could not sell a lot , and the last to rescue the costs sold out the last. At that point a person with a minimum of health in the mind sense what would he do? Well I , and I still do not know part of the reason I made another order ...

From there a new way to hear and then propose you have done that would take more and more space in my life and in my work.

It was especially during the first fair did to propose , in Padua in November 2012 , that there was a kind of confirmation of the path , it is difficult to describe the state of mind that I tried to see and "feel" what the sound and vibration did emerge in those who approached fascinated , and perhaps unaware until that moment , what they were similar to those pots (or mortars with pestles according to others ) .

In particular, the "spark" if I may say was sparked by a guy who has my gratitude for unknowingly have further spurred the idea on the road that was now already marked , and this guy said, must have been about twenty years old and hearing the sound of a singing bowl exclaimed, " is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life " , you will understand that you are not sure after that statement there remained very few ...

We arrive at this year January 27 , during a weekend in the mountains with my wife begins (provided that she is almost completely ignorant of the subject, but maybe not ) "... and if I had opened a shop selling Tibetan bells ? " . .. it was a shock, the idea was burned in my mind and I could not achieve more ... March 27 and the adventure began .

And so here I am , trying to bring something into the world, to leave a mark , for what I can ...

I hope to meet you soon - Umberto