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Singing bowls :

are usually formed of an alloy created by the merger of seven metals (sometimes 5 ) that each correspond to the seven planets of the solar system. Interesting is the work of connection between the seven energy centers - chakras - the seven planets of the solar system that is created by the vibration of the seven metals with which they are made singing bowls . This " symbols of the cosmos " brings the vibration of the 7 planets that govern the life manifests in the human body . There are different types of Tibetan Bells , and their sound varies according to the proportion of the alloy components , the shape and thickness . These are the metals which have formed the bells and the corresponding planets.

gold Sun
silver Moon
mercury Mercury
copper Venus
iron Mars
tin Jupiter
lead Saturn

The Tibetan Bells then produce sounds in harmony with the vibrations of the celestial spheres , and transmit these vibrations to those who play or just listen. This phenomenon is called , in technical terms, " phase coincidence " when two waves tend to come together and vibrate in unison. Thanks to this phenomenon , when it strikes a bell Tibetan you create strong vibrations that propagate along the arm ( if the bell is held in the palm of the hand) or along the point where it is resting on the bell itself (in the case for example in which is supported on the chakras ) , massaging it in depth. It is thus to create a phase concordance between the bell and the person who is in contact usually producing a state of deep inner and outer peace that can go well beyond the simple relaxation, until you reach the theta and delta waves deeper states of meditation .